Liam - Cough & Fever

"I had a cough with green mucus and a fever of 39C. Holiday Inn called a doctor for me at midnight. The physician did a great job of diagnosing me and treated me with antibiotics. Turns out that I had a walking pneumonia. Lovely, Cheers."

Liam P.
Manchester, England

Valerie - Bed Bug Bites

"Unfortunately I got several bed bug bites while on vacation in NYC. The doctor arrived promptly. He was quick to assess the situation and was able to inject medication for fast relief. He was very empathetic and made sure to call in my prescription to a 24 hour pharmacy nearby to ensure its accuracy. He even followed up to make sure the treatment was effective."

Valerie B.
Ottawa, Canada

Miguel - Painful Knee

"My knee began hurting when I arrived in NYC. It was very swollen and burning me. I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I rang the front desk for help. An excellent doctor came at 2am and took out the fluid from knee with a needle. I felt much better immediately. He sent the knee fluid to the laboratory which told me I had gout."

Miguel R.
Mexico City, Mexico

Sebastian - Food Poisoning

"I got food poisoning while in New York City and thought that my entire trip would be spoiled. My hotel concierge contacted this service. A very professional doctor gave me IV fluids and medicine just like if I had gone to the hospital. I felt much better the following day and was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation."

Sebastian L.
Hamburg, Germany

Emma's Daughter - Stomach Pain & Blood In Urine

"My daughter had belly pain and blood in her urine while we were on holiday. We were from Australia and did not know any doctors here. Our hotel contacted a doctor who treated my daughter. She was up and about the next day and feeling great. The doctor even followed up the next day to check on her."

Emma T.
Melbourne, Australia